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Type Specimen Poster

Bellota Type Specimen Poster

For this project we were to research a typeface family of our choice and construct a poster to hang in an exhibition celebrating type. The poster was to include the name of the type creator, the date it was created, a quote about the font, and include all standard letter, number and punctuation forms. No other images were permitted.
The font I chose to research was Bellota, a modern san serif font, created in 2012 by Kemie Guaida. Bellota means acorn in Spanish.

Design Report

Design Report cover

For this project we were to research information regarding how the design industry functions in regards to business, design trends and the impact of trends on the designer. We were also to engage with an industry professional and include our findings and opinions in our report.

Fast Food Branding

Stix Stir Fry Logo
internal business sign over counter

For this project we were required to create the name, logo and overall branding of a new
retail food business. I decided to create an Asian Street Food style eatery called Stix Stir Fry.

Song Interpretation Project

For this project we were required to produce a visual representation of a song of our choice. The song I chose was Fly Away by Lenny Kravitz, as it’s a song that speaks to me when I want
to escape the everyday.
As it’s a high energy rock anthem, I wanted to include that energy and grittiness within the final
product. I hand illustrated the words and arrows and then vectorised them in Adobe Illustrator. I created the green and orange background by adding water to green and orange brush pens on watercolour paper, which I then digitised in Photoshop. The green and orange colours used reflect the lighting used in the video of the song.

This design is available for purchase on Redbubble.

Brisbane Canvas Project

For this project we were to design and produce a multi-page guidebook for Brisbane City Council’s Brisbane Canvas art event. Text, images and technical specifications for layout were supplied, and we were able to use additional images of our own, stock or copyright free if required.

As the brochure was for a Brisbane City Council initiative, I wanted to use only the Brisbane City Council yellow and blue colours, black and white. I also wanted to keep the Brisbane River image running throughout the brochure, just as the river itself runs through the heart of the city.

Location Re-branding Project

For this project we were required to design and produce an identity and branding system for a
location. I decided to rebrand Crystal Lake, the fictitious town where the Friday the 13th films are set; I figured that anywhere that’s been the location for 40 years of non-stop slasher action, could really do with a revamp.

As Crystal Lake is an area surrounded by forest, I decided to use a woodsy, camping theme and focus on a family friendly audience.

Phobia Editorial

For this project we were required to research and select a phobia to produce a 4 page (2 spreads) editorial article for a magazine. We were required to produce our own illustrations and/or photography for the subject matter. All imagery was to be created or captured by us; no images were to be downloaded from the internet.

The phobia I decided to research was Odontophobia – the fear of dentists and dental
work. The magazine I was imagining the article would appear in is Marie Claire Australia.

36 Days of Type Project

For this project we were tasked to illustrate a series of letterforms based on a theme, running from A–Z and then 0–9. We were free to choose the media and size of our original illustrations.

I wanted to limit myself to using only three shapes and only black and white to create the entire 36 days of alphabet and numerical figures.

The letter and number designs are available for purchase on Redbubble.com.